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domani nail room

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opi nail polish collection: MUSTANG

a BRAND NEW, hot off the press OPI collection just arrived at domani:


there are 6 colors in this collection plus a “pony pack”

  • race red
  • 50 years of style
  • queen of the road
  • the sky’s my limit
  • girls love ponies
  • angel with a leadfoot
  • pony pack minis: race red, 50 years of style, angel with a leadfoot & girls love ponies

we have been having so much fun with all of OPI’s nail collections this year so far!

maybe you missed the other collections, if so… check them out here!

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new opi nail polish collections

two brand new opi nail polish collections arrived at domani last week and we’re so excited to play with them!!!!  

There are 9 new colors in the Coca Cola collection: (listed left to right on top, then left to right on bottom)

  • Sorry I’m fizzy today
  • Green on the runway
  • Coca-cola red
  • You’re so vain-illa
  • orange you fantastic
  • a grape affair
  • my signature is “dc”
  • today I accomplished zero
  • get cherried away

There are 7 colors in the opi NEON collection: (listed top to bottom)

  • juice bar hopping
  • life gave me lemons
  • down to the core-al
  • you are so outta lime
  • hotter than you pink
  • push pur-pull
  • put a coat on it (white base coat, not pictured)

The white base coat accentuates how bright the neon colors are when used together!

stop by domani to grab your favorites, while supplies last!  

coca cola, opi, nails, pedicure, manicure, summer, spa, salon, watertown, domani,   

nail polish, opi, summer, collection, watertown, spa, manicure, pedicure, salon, spa, lake country

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watermelon nail polish…. mmmmmmm

these nails look so good we could eat them!  

stylist Krissy created a watermelon nail art using OPI nail polish!  what do you think?!?

watermelon, nails, summer, fresh, salon, spa, wi, domani, opi, gel polish

summer nails!

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what to do when you just don’t know what nail polish to pick! by: Lisa, nail technician

The other day I was attempting to pick out a pale lavender nail polish for my own collection.  An Easter-egg inspired hue, something I’ve read is very on trend right now.  I had 2 colors in my hand and was unsure which one I would LOVE more: one slightly deeper in shade, the other lighter almost as if it had more white pigment mixed in.  I as reminded how often in the nail room guests have difficulty committing to one polish color over another that they like.  To solve my dilemma, I went to the nail room, removed the existing polish from both my thumbs and gave each one a shade I was trying to choose between.  Would you believe that in doing that, I had found a WINNER!  The thing is: certain colors are more flattering against some skin tones, while others flatter another skin tone.  Where other times, it’s all just really what you love.

So next time you’re in a bind to pick out a color you’ll be staring at for the next few weeks, take time to just polish one nail on each hand!

pictured: opi new york city ballet colors coming to domani SOON!

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