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New Skincare Spa Power Hours….

Get the most out of an hour with one of our amazing estheticians by receiving 4 TREATMENTS IN ONE HOUR…

  • Dermaplaning
  • Chemical Peel / Mask
  • Brow Makeover (wax + tint)
  • Mini Facial massage + eye treatment

read more about the service below….



All your favorite skincare services wrapped up in one hour!  Leave the spa feeling and looking refreshed & rejuvenated!

Dermaplanning removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and supple. along with sloughing away dead skin cells, dermaplaning can help reduce the visibility of acne scarring and slight wrinkling, as well as remove vellous (translucent) hairs on the face, commonly known as ‘peach fuzz’.


Chemical Peels-

your esthetician will help pick out the best chemical peel for your skincare needs!

hydra radiance peel treatment :

smooths, hydrates and brightens, improving the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. with a larger molecular size, lactic acid is a preferred option for dry and sensitive skin as well as first time peel clients. added antioxidants help repair damage and strengthen skin.

enzyme treatment protocol:

designed for oily or congested skin prone to breakouts, this professional chemical exfoliant smooths skin’s surface by breaking down and removing keratinized skin cell build up. antioxidants cranberry and pomegranate provide anti-inflammatory and nourishing benefits



Brow Make-over:  enjoy the benefits of freshly shaped, sculpted and waxed eyebrows + a eyebrow tint to make your eyes POP!


Then enjoy a relaxing facial massage + skincare products perfectly picked by your esthetician just for your skin!

$99.00 service in one hour!  (individually $179)


Book today:




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6 steps to clearer skin….

Maskne…. It’s a real thing!

Read below on what to do to combat it & have radiant, beautiful skin!

To protect each other these days, our current reality means we need to wear masks to protect both ourselves & each other!

And, Unfortunately these masks are making our skin break out!

We get it, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!


So, what can you do about it?!?!  Let us steer you in the right direction!



Step one: CLEANSER:  clear skin cleanser.  We love Glo Skin Beauty’s clear skin cleanser from their clear line!  It has environmentally friendly scrubbing beads that helps the Salicylic acid penetrate.  


Step 2: TONE: pro 5 exfoliant. A chemical exfoliant: gentle professional-strength liquid exfoliator that smooths, brightens and imparts radiance with a blend of 5 alpha and poly hydroxy acids at a 10% concentration.


Step 3: TREAT: clear complexion pads!  Removes excess oil to help tone, balance and deeply clean acne-prone skin. After cleansing, smooth pad over face, allowing the solution to penetrate into pores.


Step 4: SERUM: optional but HIGHLY recommended: renew serum uses salicylic and glycolic acid to smooth out skin texture and fights impurities.  Draws out impurities, minimizing the look of pores for clearer, refined skin.


Step 5: MOISTURIZER: oil control emulsion, is a lightweight moisturizer, that mattifies your complexion while absorbing oils.  


And finally….


Step 6: MASK: Charcoal Detox Mask is a two-in-one exfoliating treatment face mask that provides ultimate skin clearing with a filtering complex of Charcoal Powder, Kaolin Clay, and Bentonite Clay. These powerful ingredients help draw out excess oil and impurities for a renewed, refreshed complexion. Environmentally-friendly Jojoba Beads provide critical exfoliation which leaves skin smooth, soft and conditioned.


That’s 6 easy steps & we’ve made it even easier for you to get these products in your daily routine! Sign up below and we’ll send you a 20% off coupon to use towards the purchase of any of the above products. 


Curbside Pick-up Available!  Just text us your Order!  Download coupon for instructions!

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Enjoy a little R&R in June….

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CALL TO SCHEDULE: 920-262-8333

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happy birthday DOMANI!!!!!

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make your EYES POP in October…..

read more about



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fall in the spa….


call to schedule: 920-262-8333

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cupping massages…

Domani has introduced Cupping therapy into our massages.

Cupping is a  traditional, time-honored treatment which is favored by millions of people worldwide because of it’s safe, comfortable, remarkable results effective for many health disorders.

Cupping therapy is the method of using glass or plastic cups to create localized pressure by a vacuum.  The Chinese have been doing this since ancient times by using heat inside glass or bamboo cups.  Nowadays, cupping sets use suction to create the vacuum.  The vacuum inside the cups causes the blood to form in the area and help the healing in that area.

Ancient Chinese medicine have believed that the body contains “Meridians”.  These meridians are pathways in the body which the energy of life called Qi (“chi”) flows through.  It flows through every body part, tissue, and organ.  Cupping therapy is mainly performed on one’s back because there are five meridians on your back.  When these meridians are opened, the internal energy is able to flow through the whole body.

Another healing aspect of cupping therapy is through the release of toxins in your body.  The suction from the cups can penetrate deep into your tissues causing the tissues to release harmful toxins.  It triggers the lymphatic system, clears the blood vessels, and stretches and activates the skin.

Cupping therapy has been found in ancient records dating back 3500 years and it is still used today by many. Through suction, the skin is drawn into the cup by creating a vacuum in the cup placed on the skin over the targeted area. The cupping removes harmful substances and toxins from the body to promote well-being.

People receive the cupping therapy for many reasons. Some include but are not limited to inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and deep- tissue massage.


Your massage therapist at domani salon & spa will discuss the option to integrate the cupping technique COMPLIMENTARY into your 60 or 90 minute massage session!!!  


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relax – refresh – renew in MAY

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spring into the spa

visit us in the spa in march & april!!!

call to schedule, limited availability: 920-262-8333

be sure to mention which location!

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