a lash lift is essentially a perm for your eyelashes. It creates a long lasting curl that lifts your eyelashes and makes your eyes look bigger and more opened! It completely negates any need for a traditional eyelash curler, and can curl even the most stubborn lashes. The combination curling process and tint produces incredible, natural-looking results.  the process should take just about 45-60 minutes and leave you with amazing eyelashes for up to two-three months.  Service should be done every 6-12 weeks.

What happens during a lash lift?

  1. A service technician places a large silicone pads under eyes to hold my lower lashes down
  2. determine size of curl based on lash length: small, medium or large silicone pads are used.
  3. secure a silicone pad to eyelid. It is rounded shape.  This is the shape your eyelashes take on.
  4. Secure eyelashes to the pad to keep them in a curled position for the perm solution.
  5. Apply the perm solution and process on lashes for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Next, wipe that off and apply the neutralizing lotion to lashes. That processes for 10 minutes and then is removed.
  7. Tint eyelashes black, process takes 10 minutes
  8. Finally, service technician will apply a hydrating oil to the lashes to condition them. After a few minutes, a final wipe of lashes and very gently removed the silicone pad.


cost for lash lift: 

$65.00 service