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better brows…

do you often wish you had better eyebrows?  do you often wish your eyes would pop more?

at domani we often tell guests that one of the most important pieces of doing your makeup is filling in your brows (and lips, always lips)!!!

you have a couple different options:  using pencils, gels, eye shadows, tinting or coloring them, or tattooing them.

Here are your options:

we either use pencils, eye shadows or often just simply tint them with eyebrow color.  This is a really quick, inexpensive service that you can do each time you get your haircut, colored or even just make an appointment just for your brows.

we always recommend to a guest, let us use shadow and show you how amazing your face and eyes light up when filling in your brows.  once you get comfortable with that, lets TINT your brows just once.  if you don’t love it (which you will), then go back to filling in with a shadow.  But it does save time each morning & you can swim, sweat, whatever without worrying about your brows!

current pricing is as follows:

brow wax: $16

brow tint: $15

brow wax & tint together: $25

so, for just $9 more, add a brow tint to your next wax and wait to be amazed!

call to schedule: 920-262-8333

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A tip to get your lipstick to last all day….

Holiday, lip color, Christmas, lake country, lipstick, Aveda, salon, spaDoes your lipstick often wear off too quickly through the day, or you find you leave more lip color on your morning cup of joe than on your lips?
Just a few extra steps when applying your lip color can save you time and product the rest of your day!

Start by moisturizing your lips, Aveda renewing lip is a great base. Then outline your lip line with a lip liner, we enjoy aveda’s colorless lip liner the most. This will help from your lip color bleeding from your natural lip line. Next, apply your favorite lip color/tint. Blot your lips on a napkin, or tissue paper to remove excess color.
Here’s where I teach you something new…. Now, lightly dust your lips with a colorless loose powder!!! This helps lock your color in! Now lastly, reapply your lip color on top of the powder and top with your favorite lip gloss for a little shimmer and shine (we’re enjoying the Aveda pearl rose and gilded lotus this fall and holiday season). And voila, consider your lips ready for a long days work!

Just a few extra steps to keep those lips perked all day long!

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How to get rid of those nasty under eye dark circles

I suggest to always start with a clean palette.  Begin with washing your face, applying toner, eye creme and moisturizer.

Aveda’s Green Science Eye Creme can be used for multiple reasons:

  • Diminishing under eye circles
  • Protection from under eye circles

G.S. eye creme has caffeine as an ingredient to help control under eye water retention, aka ‘bags’.  Also, there has been much controversy in the media lately about retin-A being in skin care products to smooth and tighten.  All Aveda products do not include retin-A, so you it is safe to put on your eyelids, and all around your eyes.

Be sure to place the eye creme right beneath your eyes, not too far down using a light patting motion.  Another great way to use the G.S. eye creme is to place it in the refrigerator, so it will e cooling as well.  This will help with inflammation and will help sooth your skin.

Use twice daily at minimum.  Ideally morning and night.  With consistent use, this will combat under eye circles and water retention.

Secondly, use concealer lightly under eye.  When eye creme is put on first, this will help the concealer application to be more smooth.  To apply the concealer, a brush is preferable, so you are using a light touch.  When choosing a shade, if you can’t find an exact match, choose a shade darker so you don’t get a ‘glow’ around the eye.  You will then set the concealer with Aveda’s loose Translucent powder.

Following these directions daily will help achieve a flawless look and help with dark circles and water retention around the eyes.

If you have questions, you can schedule a complimentary skincare/make-up application Monday-Thursday with Tracy.  920-262-8333

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