two brand new opi nail polish collections arrived at domani last week and we’re so excited to play with them!!!!  

There are 9 new colors in the Coca Cola collection: (listed left to right on top, then left to right on bottom)

  • Sorry I’m fizzy today
  • Green on the runway
  • Coca-cola red
  • You’re so vain-illa
  • orange you fantastic
  • a grape affair
  • my signature is “dc”
  • today I accomplished zero
  • get cherried away

There are 7 colors in the opi NEON collection: (listed top to bottom)

  • juice bar hopping
  • life gave me lemons
  • down to the core-al
  • you are so outta lime
  • hotter than you pink
  • push pur-pull
  • put a coat on it (white base coat, not pictured)

The white base coat accentuates how bright the neon colors are when used together!

stop by domani to grab your favorites, while supplies last!  

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