Overdirection Conection

Big hair with plenty of Volume is the envy of most of us out there. Getting plenty of volume or body and bounce into the hair is the trick when trying to create BIG HAIR!
“If you think I have BIG HAIR ask me about my dreams.”

tools you will need for Blow Drying:
• Hairdryer with nozzle to direct the airflow
• A “root lift” product, these generally come in a spray form
• A large round bristle brush (although the size of brush will depend on the length of your hair).
• A selection of clips to keep unwanted hair out of the way
• Plenty of hairspray to finish with.
How to:
The trick is what hairstylists call “over direction” sounds a little confusing, but all this means is that as you blow dry each section you are brushing the hair with your brush in the opposite direction than the hair falls in order to achieve the maximum volume when the hair is brushed back the way you normally would style it.

• Shampoo and Condition your hair with a volume rich shampoo and conditioner a good blow dry always begins with good cleansing products.
• After towel drying really well, use your chosen root lift product by lifting each section as you spray the product concentrating at the root area. You may also choose to cocktail a gel or a mousse with your root lift product for added volume.
• Begin in the nape section and direct the hair with your brush and blow dryer up and away from where the hair naturally falls. Continue brushing all the hair in over directing motions to gain the maximum volume. Get the hair about 80% dry and then you can begin to use your round brush.
• Take about a 1” section in the nape and clip the rest of the hair away.
• Begin drawing your brush over the surface of the section from roots to ends, directing the hair up against the direction you want it to fall in. Continue doing this all over until the hair is completely dry.
• Good products to use for Root Lifting (UNITE Expanda Volume, UNITE Expanda Dust, BAMBOO 48 hour volume spray, BAMBOO Texturizing Body Boost, MOROCCAN OIL Root Boost)


give it a try! let us know how it goes!
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we fully believe that if your hair only looks good when you leave the salon once per month, we didn’t teach you well enough how to duplicate the look at home!

courtesy of stylist: Stacy Miner

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