so often, our guests only visit us for manicures around special occasions.  when we ask WHY, they simply state that they can’t budget a manicure that only lasts a few days.  When we tell them about their possibilities and that a gel polish manicure can last 7-10+ days… their eyes light up like CHRISTMAS!

Why choose gel?

Nothing is worse than leaving the nail salon with tacky nails only to smudge it on the car door.  Gel polish is a uv cured polish that goes on the natural nail and is completely dry right away. It is guaranteed to last from 7-10 days and it leaves the nail feeling stronger which promotes growth.  The removal of gel is a little more involved starting with buffing off the topcoat and soaking in 100% pure acetone to ensure that the nail bed is not stripped.  For a longer lasting manicure, gel is the way to go!


Why choose regular polish?

If you are a frequent color changer, regular nail polish makes that possible.  With little effort it can be removed with nail polish remover.  Though it isn’t guaranteed to not chip, regular polish allows you to be more versatile and creative in keeping up with the latest trends.


As gel polish is becoming more common, companies are coming out with more and more colors!  with every nail collection OPI comes out with, they choose 6 of the most popular colors and turn it into gel polish!!!  Our color possibilities are becoming more fun each season!  Here at domani we carry two OPI brands of gel color: Axxium and Gel Color.  so, next time you’re thinking about a manicure…. think about trying something a little different… something that might hang around for just a bit longer!


courtesy of: Krissy