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How To Get Beautiful Skin Home Remedies From Our Makeup Artists

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before and after…. back to school!

back to school cut!

Tricia created the perfect back to school cut!

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How to get rid of those nasty under eye dark circles

I suggest to always start with a clean palette.  Begin with washing your face, applying toner, eye creme and moisturizer.

Aveda’s Green Science Eye Creme can be used for multiple reasons:

  • Diminishing under eye circles
  • Protection from under eye circles

G.S. eye creme has caffeine as an ingredient to help control under eye water retention, aka ‘bags’.  Also, there has been much controversy in the media lately about retin-A being in skin care products to smooth and tighten.  All Aveda products do not include retin-A, so you it is safe to put on your eyelids, and all around your eyes.

Be sure to place the eye creme right beneath your eyes, not too far down using a light patting motion.  Another great way to use the G.S. eye creme is to place it in the refrigerator, so it will e cooling as well.  This will help with inflammation and will help sooth your skin.

Use twice daily at minimum.  Ideally morning and night.  With consistent use, this will combat under eye circles and water retention.

Secondly, use concealer lightly under eye.  When eye creme is put on first, this will help the concealer application to be more smooth.  To apply the concealer, a brush is preferable, so you are using a light touch.  When choosing a shade, if you can’t find an exact match, choose a shade darker so you don’t get a ‘glow’ around the eye.  You will then set the concealer with Aveda’s loose Translucent powder.

Following these directions daily will help achieve a flawless look and help with dark circles and water retention around the eyes.

If you have questions, you can schedule a complimentary skincare/make-up application Monday-Thursday with Tracy.  920-262-8333

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