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What it is:

An ultimate blowout cream for creating sleek, smooth styles with radiant shine.


What it is formulated to do:

This nourishing styling cream adds luster, eliminates frizz, reduces drying time, and gives hair an ultrasmooth finish. The formula conditions and enriches hair, allowing for easier brush glide and provides protection against damage from heat-styling tools.


What it is formulated WITHOUT:

– Parabens

– Sulfates

– Phthalates


What else you need to know:

This product contains antioxidant-rich rhodiola extract and vitamin C to shield hair from thermal styling damage. Vegetable proteins add shine and strengthen hair, while linseed oil and algae extract smooth and soften hair from root to tip.


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November 7, 2013

As we’ve approached fall and are headed directly into WINTER, there becomes a higher need to keep your skin and hair hydrated!

The Moroccan oil hair and body line does just that!  From treatment oils, shower gels, styling products to our VERY OWN deluxe MOROCCAN OIL PEDICURE SERVICE!

Anti-oxidant infused rich formulas create unbelievable results that work together to rebuild damaged, dry hair and create shine.

Here at domani, we have the privilege of carrying the complete line!  stop in to check out our salon exclusive products that will leave you wanting more!



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who’s ready for a FALL color?!?!

let us know what you think of Danielle’s new color created by Sabrina!

each domani team member is transforming their locks into a fall color, ONE by ONE!


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before and after…. back to school!

back to school cut!

Tricia created the perfect back to school cut!

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how to choose the right hair color?

How do I know what color will look best on me?

There are several factors an accomplished stylist will take into consideration when consulting with their client about a new hair color.

First the stylist will consider the current color, texture and general condition of your hair to opt for the best color outcome to the actual hair shaft.  They will also look at your current haircut, style and style changes that are being planned to feature your best facial and hair assets.  It is very important to take complexion color as well as eye color into the overall decision process as well. 

A number of key questions could be asked of the client which may include:

  • is there currently color in your hair?
  • When your hair was last color or permed?
  • How often are you willing to come in to the salon to upkeep your color?
  • Are you concerned with the look of outgrowth?
  • Would you be committed to a multilevel color process to achieve the desired color goal?
  • And of course we always consider cost commitment to maintain your new look.
did you know that you can schedule a complimentary color consultation with any domani hairstylist?!?  

 So…unless you are planning a quick St. Patrick’s Day green or a Wisconsin Badger red and white, expect an in-depth consultation with your Domani Stylist which will offer you the best results for your appearance and lifestyle!

 hair color, consultation

courtesy of domani stylist: Becky McKee

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Chocolate this rich doesn’t come from a box

Do you ever get that itch to pick up that box color as you pass the beauty isle at your local drug store?  Who doesn’t?  I can’t blame you, the colors they’re promoting are enticing.  They’re rich and shiny and perfect and healthy looking!  Of course they are, they’re actually done with professional hair color.  You can’t tell me that Sarah Jessica Parker or Jennifer Lopez allow their hair dresser to use $3.99 box color on their hair and I’m going to share with you why you shouldn’t either.

1.  Do you ever notice how your hair dresser doesn’t use one hair color root to end?  They do this for SOOOOOO many reasons:
-the hair at your scalp doesn’t usually match what is currently on your ends.  Your root color is usually grey or dark as your ends are blonde or your root color is ashy as your ends are warm,
-the ends of your hair have lived on your head much longer, which means they have been through so much more, which means they need to be treated differently.  They’re typically more porus, or dry so your hairdresser will use a lighter color or even a Demi-permanent color so in the end, it all matches
-the hair at your root is next to your head which contains warmth and will process at a much faster, warmer rate than your ends.
-and many more reasons
2. Do you ever notice that the box of color you buy at a drug store comes with one bottle of developer or peroxide?  That seems scary, different levels of developer give you different levels of lift…. Someone that has dark brown hair and someone who has blonde hair can’t use the same color and expect the same results.
3.  Hairdressers are artists at the same time they’re chemists, they spend a year + and roughly $18k going to beauty school just to learn the makeup of hair.  They then spend the rest of their career perfecting it, and learning more and more about it.
Your hairdresser at Domani does roughly 150 hours of advanced education each year, staying up to date on technology, learning new trends and creating new trends.  I promise you, when you leave your locks of hair in our hands you will always leave with perfectly predictable results.  
Have you ever had a terrible experience with box color?  Tell us about it!  
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