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advocare spark reformulated….

ADVOCARE Spark has been reformulated & we have it at domani!!!!

  • Why are there less calories and carbohydrates in Spark? Is it equally beneficial?
    The reduction in calories and carbohydrates comes from a reduction in an inactive ingredient called
    maltodextrin. This reduction allows for a smaller serving size, which means we can provide Spark in
    more convenient packaging while still offering all of the same benefits.
  • Are there still the same amounts of servings per canister?
    Yes, you still receive approximately 42 servings of Spark per canister. As your canister is being
    shipped, powder may settle and appear more compacted than when it was originally filled.
  • Why is the scoop smaller?
    By reducing the amount of an inactive ingredient (maltodextrin), we are able to fit all of the benefits of
    Spark into a smaller scoop. Spark’s benefits have not changed. The only major differences are that
    the product serving size has now gone from 15g to 7g of powder, 45 to 15 calories, and 11g to 4g of
    carbohydrates. The directions remain, “Blend, shake or stir contents of one stick pack or one scoop
    into 8 fluid ounces of water.”
  • What is maltodextrin? Why does Spark have maltodextrin? Why did you reduce the
    maltodextrin in Spark?
    Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide, three or more carbohydrate molecules joined together, derived
    from a starch (corn). Maltodextrin is used to help product flow through filling equipment during the
    manufacturing process. Advances in powder fill technology have led to newer, faster equipment
    capable of accurately delivering smaller amounts of powder into packaging. With this new technology
    available to us, we are able to reduce the amount of maltodextrin in the product.
  • Why does Spark cost the same amount as before?
    The active ingredients, servings and all of the great benefits of Spark are all present in more
    convenient packaging.

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spread the LOVE

Hello, once again, to all dear friends and family of Domani Wellness,

Though it has been well over a week since the last installment, know that I have been thinking of you daily and hoping you are all coping as well as can be expected.  As you can imagine, I myself have been stunned to speechlessness.  In this week like no others this country has known since the destruction of World Trade Center towers, we must once again call up every last ounce of strength in our hearts and show the world, as well as one another, that the human spirit is far more difficult to crush.  Though I doubt I’d be capable of such lofty words had any member of my own family been injured or worse in Boston or Waco.  But on behalf of Domani, my family, and myself, our hearts go out to all those trying to regain peace in their lives after such a horrrible week of loss and destruction.  Countless thanks go out to all the fire and rescue personnel, law enforcement, and service men and women who are giving all they can trying to restore “normal” in the face of chaos.  Would that our prayers could only be enough.  Well, let’s all keep sending them anyway.

For my wellness tip of the week, all I wish offer is this:  We only get one chance at this life… For God’s sakes LIVE IT. Spread LOVE.  Any way, any where, and to anyone you can.  You never know when or where you will have the opportunity to change someone’s life.  Use your powers for good.  The best thing about giving a smile is you almost always get it back!  It doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t cost a thing.  And one by one, feel the burdens on your own heart become lifted.  Make someone’s day – every day.  

I know quite a few of you are wrapping up an Herbal Cleanse so I wanted to discuss Advocare’s MNS systems as it plays the most dramatic role in the 24-Day Challenge and is the best nutrition regimine on the market today.  Conquering the nutritional gaps in your diet equals conquering cravings.  You can do this.  Let AdvoCare show you how.  “Metabolic Nutrition Systems (MNS®) help you target your specific weight management challenges.* MNS Maximum Energy contains a proprietary blend of botanical extracts and nutrients designed to help “rev up” metabolism.*+ It reflects years of research and development at AdvoCare®, where our Scientific and Medical Advisory Board has searched the world for the safest and most effective energy boosters.* It is the synergistic blends and scientifically proportional amounts of ingredients used in MNS Maximum Energy that make it an exceptional solution for weight management.* For added metabolism support, use it in conjunction with ThermoPlus™ Vitamin and Herbal Supplement.” (borrowed from

For maximum appetite control you may prefer the MNS Max C formula.  MNS Max 3 offers noticable energy and appetite control as well, but has approximately half the caffeine as the other 2.  In place of the caffeine and extra appetite control it offers superior core nutrition and wellness benefits.  There is an MNS for every body.  Put one to work for you.  Oh, and by the way, when you find your favorite MNS system, you can keep doing it over and over.  It’s safe, effective, and you feel amazing.  Why stop?  Find me and my favorite MNS at Domani Salon & Spa.

Yup. Still cold out and comfort food still seems like a really good idea.  And if you thought cleansing meant steering clear of red meat…think again.  Just think lean and enjoy.  Great for leftovers, especially when you need to pack a lunch for work.  

Brown Rice Pasta

1 lb Ground Turkey, Bison, or very lean Ground Beef
Brown Rice Pasta
1 large jar No Sugar Added Spaghetti Sauce
2 cloves minced garlic
1 medium onion, chopped
1 medium bell pepper , chopped(green, red, or yellow or a combination of each)
1 small box frozen chopped spinach
1 (8oz) can tomato sauce (No Sugar Added)
2 TBSP fresh parsley, chopped

Cook frozen chopped spinach according to package directions. Cool, drain, and squeeze as much of the
excess liquid from the spinach as possible. Spray a large nonstick skillet with no calorie/no fat
cooking spray and brown meat with onions, garlic, and bell pepper until meat is cooked through. Add
spaghetti sauce, spinach, tomato sauce, and fresh parsley to the cooked meat. Simmer until heated
Meanwhile boil pasta according to package directions .
Tips for serving: It is best not to mix your noodles and meat mixture together so that you can control
the amount of pasta and meat you consume. Using the appropriate portion size for your weight
measure out your pasta and meat and then mix the two together on your plate.
As always, I’m here if you need me 🙂
Lisa Foat
domani salon & spa (920)262-8333
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Health & Wellness event at Domani Salon & Spa April 12

mark your calendars for Friday, April 12th from 5-7 p.m. to join us at Domani Salon & Spa for a special evening of health/wellness & beauty.  You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about body contouring wraps (coming soon to Domani!), keeping skin looking younger longer with chemical peels, discouraging wrinkles to specific areas of the face with Botox, and of course, wellness and weight loss with the wide variety of supplements from AdvoCare.  we will be featuring specials guests, appetizers, and Spark!  hope to see all of you there.  RSVP: 920-262-8333
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Hooray for NEW Advocare products at domani!!!

Top O’ the Mornin’ to all you friends and family of Domani Wellness,

 Since the pool in my neighborhood reopens the 1st week in June, I figure, that’s 3 months to swimsuit season.  This may not exactly be music to YOUR ears, but for the ladies who took part in Domani’s Biggest Winner Contest, spring is looking a great deal more sunny.  Even though I cannot announce the winner of the spa package without proper permission, I can say that when I average all the results, it comes to nearly 9 pounds per person!  Now, as grand as AdvoCare’s 24-Day-Challenge is, even AdvoCare, the company suggests a 90 day committment. 
For a lot of people, the first month is just getting the cobwebs out, with the next two seeing some real breakthroughs.  The products fill in the nutritional gaps to help with energy and cravings, and ultimately accheive faster results, but these women all worked hard to make positive lifestyle changes, as well.  The one thing I heard each of them say is that they feel amazing.  And isn’t the first step to accomplishing a goal, having the energy to do it?  So find your favorite product(s) to carry forward and give you the tools you need to continue your success.  I am so proud of all of you!     
Two weeks ago at Success School I witnessed the launch of 3 new items for everyone to love.  I just didn’t want to get you all too excited until we actually had them on the shelves.  So buckle your seatbelts, this ride is gonna be wild! 
  • 3 new flavors of Spark:  Raspberry Tea, Tangerine, & Watermelon – all in one box!  AdvoCare is asking everyone to vote for their favorite flavor on Facebbook.  But you only have until May 1st to do it.  The winning flavor will be the next permanent addition to the lineup. 
  • An outrageously craveable nutrition bar called AdvoBar Raw.  It’s 210 calories of raw fruit and nut energy with ample amounts of protein and fiber to fuel your fire.  And finaly, there is now a non-dairy, vegetarian formula meal replacement shake in a rich DARK CHOCOLATE flavor.  Check out all that’s new at Domani Salon & Spa.
As one fabulous promotion comes to a close, so begins another one.  For the entire month of March, we will be featuring Advocare CorePlex multivitamins and offering all 3 varieties at 25% off!  “CorePlex® supplement provides a synergistic combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that helps supply the body with advanced nutrition for optimal health.* Each ingredient provides nutritional balance to fill the gaps in the average American diet.* It provides the right nutrients in the right amounts to ensure optimal absorption.* And the chelated amino acid-bound minerals in CorePlex make them easily digestible and highly absorbable.*
The vitamins and antioxidants in CorePlex work together to help strengthen the immune system and fight the effects of free radicals.* Minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc help support healthy bones and many other biological processes.* B-vitamins help the body convert fats, carbohydrates and proteins into energy and support the cardiovascular and neurological systems.* Vitamin C helps support and enhance the immune system.*
In addition to all the benefits of CorePlex, CorePlex with Iron provides 100% of the daily-recommended amount of iron, which is especially important for pregnant women, nursing mothers and women of childbearing age, especially those with heavy menstrual cycles.” (borrowed from  Also available in chewables for children and other non-pill-takers! 🙂

I have one last oatmeal recipe to wrap up HEART month.  Yes, it’s March now, but I had a request for a healthy baked oatmeal.  This recipe can be found on the Mayo Clinic website, however, I tweaked it a bit.  Serve with no-sugar-added yogurt for added protein and calcium – definitely a breakfast to look forward to!

Baked Oatmeal
1 tablespoon canola oil
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
1/2 cup pure maple syrup or to taste
Egg substitute equivalent to 2 eggs, or 4 egg whites
3 cups uncooked rolled oats
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 to 1 cup chopped or ground walnuts
1 cup skim, soy or almond milk
In a good-sized bowl, stir together oil, applesauce, sugar and eggs. Add dry ingredients and milk. Mix well. Spray a 9-by-13 baking pan generously with cooking spray. Spoon oatmeal mixture into pan. Bake uncovered at 350 F for 30 minutes.  Makes 8 servings.  The values listed below represent the recipe made without the walnuts.
Calories 204 Sodium 105 mg
Total fat 4 g Total carbohydrate 34 g
Saturated fat 0.7 g Dietary fiber 4 g
Monounsaturated fat 1.9 g Protein 8 g
Cholesterol 0.5 mg    
Starches 1
Fruits 1
Sweets, desserts and other carbohydrates 0.5
Grains and grain products 1
Fruits 1
Sweets 0.5

 Source: This recipe is one of 400 recipes collected in the “Fix-It and Enjoy-It! Healthy Cookbook” published by Good Books and available at the Bookstore.


Stay tuned!  This month will be full of exciting announcements…!

Lisa Foat
domani salon & spa (920)262-8333
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Doesn’t have to be hard to be working!

I am so excited!  Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with a couple people who are doing the 24-Day Challenge for Domani’s Biggest Winner contest.  And, WOW!!  I am extrememly impressed with the level of committment and the results I’m seeing so far!  What I’m hearing the most is how easy it is to follow.  And painless – as after just a couple of days, cravings are noticably under control or even non-existent.  Truly, it only takes a couple days of distance from sugary or starchy snacks before your body stops calling out to them.  So, keep up the good work and tell your friends and family.  The special 25%-off price on Advocare’s 24-day Challenge products and the opportunity to get in on the chance to win a spa package are going on through January.  Results will be announced March 1st.  Or simply do it for yourself.  Either way you win! 🙂
My wellness tip this week is especially for those of you working on making some serious changes this month.  Keep a food log.  This always helps when someone comes to me with questions if their diet isn’t working because we can examine the history together and find the sneaky culprits.  It also shows where things like protein or fiber need to be added.  And it adds an element of accountability, if only to yourself.  Don’t leave anything out.  You may be surprised where the extra calories are creaping in!  I strongly encourage all 24-Day Challengers to be doing this.       
Questions about Advocare’s OmegaPlex this week have prompted me to make this my Advocare Prodct of the Week.  “OmegaPlex® omega-3 fatty acid supplement is a safe, convenient, easy way to get the omega-3 fatty acids that may be missing from your diet, especially if you consume fish less than twice a week. It contains both 600 mg of EPA and 400 mg DHA long-chain omega-3 fatty acids per serving for maximum benefit.* Because these nutrients are involved in transporting nutrients, OmegaPlex is an important component for core nutrition.* It also helps promote healthy hair, skin and nails, and supports a healthy immune system.* It plays a key role in cardiovascular activity by supporting normal blood flow and healthy blood pressure.* In fact, consuming omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.** By supporting a healthy metabolism, OmegaPlex can aid weight management.*

OmegaPlex meets the highest quality standards of product safety and efficacy. Each softgel starts with high-quality marine lipid concentrate, which must meet strict analytical testing requirements for environmental contaminants, quantity of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and oxidation as indicators of safety, purity, potency and freshness. OmegaPlex also contains the antioxidant vitamin E in its most active form to further ensure omega-3 fatty acid stability.* The quality values of OmegaPlex are consistent with or exceed the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) voluntary monograph values.” (borrowed from

This omega-3 fatty acid supplement is for everyone.  Take 2 soft-gels twice or more daily with meals.  There is even a kid-friendly version called Purple Champs.  They’re delicious!
With my focus on omega-3’s this week, it seemed appropriate to include my favorite omega-3-rich recipe:
Steamed Salmon with Leeks
4 chinook salmon fillets (4-oz. each)
1 large leek, divided
1 Tbsp grated fresh ginger
1 Tbsp dry sherry
2 tsp reduced-sodium soy sauce
Rinse salmon in cold water & dry with a paper towel.
Trim tough green part and root end from leek, and discard.  Cut leek in half lengthwise.  Rinse with cold water, pulling apart layers to remove grit.  Cut leek into very thin slices.  Spread 2/3 of slices evenly on large microwaveable plate.  Cover loosely with waxed paper, and microwave on high 30 seconds.
Combine ginger, sherry, soy sauce, and remaining leeks in a small bowl.
Place salmon on plate over microwaved leek slices, skin-side down, in spoke fashion so thickest parts face outward.  Pour ginger mixture evenly over top and cover loosely with waxed paper.  Microwave on high 4 to 6 minutes or until salmon is opaque in center.  Test for doneness by inserting tip of a sharp knife in center of fillet.  Let stand for 5 minutes before serving.
4 servings.  230 calories, 11g protein, 20g carbs, 3g fiber, 12g fat, 540mg sodium
from The Doctors Book of Healing Foods, Selene Yeager and the editors of Prevention, Rodale Inc.
Enjoy over a green salad or brown rice or with a side of seasonal fruits!
‘Til next time, something to keep all that positve energy flowing:  the days are getting  longer!!!  
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Why should I Herbal Cleanse?

 Greetings from Domani Wellness!
I hope all the beauty & wonder & DELICIOUSNESS of the season has been yours and the New Year finds you and your loved ones all safe and healthy.  It has been a couple of weeks since I last wrote, but with holidays being what they are, I figured, Who needs more stuff in their inbox?!  Now, with the new year upon us, it’s likely many of us have at least one wellness resolution.  An excellent place to start is with a cleanse.  You might be relieved to know that a cleanse is not a fast, but rather a short period of time in which you actually eat often, but only the foods that you know your body really needs in order to help reset your digestive system.  And, as many of you have already learned, Advocare has cleansing down to a science.  What a perfect time to put it to work for you again!
“The AdvoCare® Herbal Cleanse system can help rid your body of toxins and waste with its unique blend of herbal ingredients.* Using a systematic approach, this 10-day system guides you day by day through the steps for thorough internal cleansing and improved digestion.* Herbal Cleanse supports the body’s metabolic systems and general health during the detoxification process by helping to keep energy levels up, aiding in removing impurities and supporting the immune system.* Some people who use Herbal Cleanse for the first time experience an encouraging weight reduction and/or reduction in inches when they pair the system with the recommended diet and exercise.” (borrowed from
And while you’re at it, why not follow it up with the other 14 days of the 24 Day Challenge.  It’s an excellent way to start a new wellness routine, bust through a current weight-loss plateau, or simply to gain more energy.  It’s all on sale now for 25% off at Domani Salon & Spa.  
My wellness tip for the week is to tune in to your sugar intake.  If you have no other resolutions this 2013, make cutting sugar a priority.  There are so many reasons, but here are the top 3:  Sugar not burned for energy converts to fat that is much harder to burn off.  The steady rise of diabetes & related illnesses has begun to significantly burden the health care industry.  Sugar aggrivates inflamation EVERYWHERE in your body, contributing to pain, breakouts, and aging.  So even if cutting calories for weight loss is the furthest thing from your mind, breaking a sugar addiction is one of the best things you can do to show your body some love.
Try this recipe for your next tapas party, maybe even tonight!  I like to call them Caprese-salads-on-a-stick, viturally sug ar-free…
Mozzarella & Cherry Tomato Skewers
10 cherry tomatoes, halved, or grape tomatoes
20 basil leaves
10 bocconcini balls, halved, or 6 oz. regular mozzarella cheese, cut in 20 cubes
20 pitted black olives
olive oil for drizzling
kosher or sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
20 toothpicks
Thread one of each item on toothpicks or cocktail skewers.  Lightly drizzle olive oil over the loaded skewers and season with salt and lots of black pepper.  There is a lot of room here for your own preferences, such as peppers or mushrooms in place of one or more of the the other items.  Also, experiment with other types of pepper or herb.  (Tip:  Here in Watertown, I have found containers of fresh mozzarella balls in containers of liquid in the deli section of the grocery store.  The ones I’ve used are about the size of olives and work beautifully.)  Enjoy!
New Vegetarian, by Celia Brooks Brown, published by Ryland Peters & Small, NY
So, start your cleansing and we’ll talk soon!
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Do you hit a slump in the afternoon & need a boost of energy?

The issue:

In today’s fast-paced environment, it doesn’t take much to cause your body and your mind to simply run out of steam.  When you’re low on energy, usually every aspect of your life suffers to some degree.  Low-energy levels are often precursors to poor weight management, increased mental and physical stress and much, much more!  Most of us don’t eat like we should or exercise enough- many times because we are too tired at the end of the day to dedicate 30 minutes or more to exercise.  Furthermore, we often look to popular choices like soda and coffee drinks as a quick source of energy, though they are often high in sugar and calories.  And even though they might provide us the quick boost of energy we’re looking for, it disappears just as quickly.

What we need is an energy drink that is quick to responding, long lasting and not full of sugar and calories.

The solution: AdvoCare Spark!

Key benefits:

  • enhances mental energy and focus
  • Provides support for long-lasting energy
  • Helps fight occasional drowsiness
  • 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • sugar-free and only 45 calories
  • Helps reduce free radicals

Background information on the product:

For a quick boost of energy: AdvoCare Spark contains an effective amount of caffeine to give you the quick boost you’re looking for.  Caffeine supports the processes in the central nervous system and muscles that enhance mental energy and focus in a relatively short amount of time.  The amino acid taurine helps provide fast-acting energy you need that won’t overstimulate or overburden your body.

For long-lasting energy: The B vitamins that are present in each serving of AdvoCare Spark enhance your body’s natural ability to produce and sustain its own energy, leading to long-lasting benefits.  Since your body looks to carbohydrates, protein and fat as its primary sources of energy, it makes sense to enhance the metabolism of each for optimal energy production.  B vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-12 and vitamin B-6 all specifically contribute to the conversion of the foods we eat and the calories we store for energy.

For mental focus and clarity: The neuroactive amino acids in AdvoCare Spark help increase your mental focus and alertness by supporting your brains ability to receive and send messages to and from the nervous system.  For example, L-tyrosine an amino acid found in dietary proteins, is believed to improve mental energy and focus by serving as a precursor for specific neurotransmitters.

Spark comes in the following flavors:

  • Mango-Strawberry
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Grape
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Fruit Punch
  • Cherry
  • Citrus

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