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christmas in JUNE is here!!!!!!

follow our facebook event page, to keep up with details:  HERE! 

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salon tools…. is there really a difference?

Cheap vs Expensive Hair Straighteners

When you’re trying to decide what kind of flat iron to buy, it’s pretty easy to get wrapped up in the idea of a $20 iron that swears you will get the look you want. Sometimes, you get lucky and find a really good tool for your hair that is inexpensive. Mostly however, you’ll find the quality on a cheap option is way below that of a higher priced one, and you might regret not springing for the better model.

Style Staying Power

If you don’t get enough consistent heat on your hair during the few straightening passes you take, your hair won’t stay straight during the day. It may look straighter than it did, but the frizz will return in some form.

A lot of less expensive straighteners don’t heat up enough to get the right amount on your strands, or they don’t have a consistent heat all over the plate. Lack of consistency leads to hot spots which means you will you’ll end up with a half frizzy, half perfect mane that just looks like a hot mess.

The Plates Matter

When you’re shopping for irons, you’ll see a lot of different claims about the type of material used in the plates, but inexpensive irons almost never have plates that will last for a long time. They are often made out of metal or glass (neither of which conduct heat well), which means a whole lot of “non-straight” hair!

You may be able to get an inexpensive iron which is ceramic plated. This means the iron has metal plates covered in a ceramic coating, and that coating is likely to wear off over time. As it wears, the ability to hold heat goes with it.

Heat Hot Heat

Make sure you know what you’re getting before investing any money in an inexpensive iron. Professional flat irons are made so you can use the minimum amount of heat on your hair and get a well-distributed result. Inexpensive hair straightener may require you to pump the heat level all the way up to get enough control of your hair, and that increases the likelihood of damaging your locks.

So What Do You Do?


If you get the right hair straightener, the expense isn’t a huge deal because it will last for years.


At domani we carry FOUR different tool lines to fit your needs & your budget:


-Moroccanoil hot tools

-Unite hot tools

-Paul Mitchell hot tools *NEW TO DOMANI*

-Hot tools brand

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over direction connection…

Overdirection Conection

Big hair with plenty of Volume is the envy of most of us out there. Getting plenty of volume or body and bounce into the hair is the trick when trying to create BIG HAIR!
“If you think I have BIG HAIR ask me about my dreams.”

tools you will need for Blow Drying:
• Hairdryer with nozzle to direct the airflow
• A “root lift” product, these generally come in a spray form
• A large round bristle brush (although the size of brush will depend on the length of your hair).
• A selection of clips to keep unwanted hair out of the way
• Plenty of hairspray to finish with.
How to:
The trick is what hairstylists call “over direction” sounds a little confusing, but all this means is that as you blow dry each section you are brushing the hair with your brush in the opposite direction than the hair falls in order to achieve the maximum volume when the hair is brushed back the way you normally would style it.

• Shampoo and Condition your hair with a volume rich shampoo and conditioner a good blow dry always begins with good cleansing products.
• After towel drying really well, use your chosen root lift product by lifting each section as you spray the product concentrating at the root area. You may also choose to cocktail a gel or a mousse with your root lift product for added volume.
• Begin in the nape section and direct the hair with your brush and blow dryer up and away from where the hair naturally falls. Continue brushing all the hair in over directing motions to gain the maximum volume. Get the hair about 80% dry and then you can begin to use your round brush.
• Take about a 1” section in the nape and clip the rest of the hair away.
• Begin drawing your brush over the surface of the section from roots to ends, directing the hair up against the direction you want it to fall in. Continue doing this all over until the hair is completely dry.
• Good products to use for Root Lifting (UNITE Expanda Volume, UNITE Expanda Dust, BAMBOO 48 hour volume spray, BAMBOO Texturizing Body Boost, MOROCCAN OIL Root Boost)


give it a try! let us know how it goes!
still not achieving the results you’re looking for? schedule a simple style at domani! team domani will work with you on styling your hair!


we fully believe that if your hair only looks good when you leave the salon once per month, we didn’t teach you well enough how to duplicate the look at home!

courtesy of stylist: Stacy Miner

volume, big hair, salon, style

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new hair products at domani….

we love the day our delivery driver brings us boxes full of new styling products, it’s like Christmas to a hairdresser!

Alterna Bamboo 2-in-1 volumizer:

this is one of the most AMAZING products we’ve had our hands on in a long time!

Bamboo 2-in-1 is almost like Alterna took Caviar Volume Creme and mixed it with Bamboo Brilliance Cream.  Volume creme is a clay based product that you use at your scalp for more volume when you blow dry.  Because it’s clay based, it can easily be overused on the ends of hair.  Brilliance cream is a smoothing, shine enhancing product that you can use both wet and/or dry.  It doesn’t have much hold at all to it.

So taking a clay based product w/ lots of volume and a smoothing product with no hold to it…. mix them together and it gives you BAMBOO 2in1….

you can use bamboo 2in1 both in wet and dry hair.  when using it in wet hair, it will give your style hold and shape.  when using it in dry hair, it will give your style texture and definition.  


alterna, bamboo, style, full hair, new product, hairstyle

Unite Texturiza spray:

does your hair usually style better for you on day 2 or 3?  Is your hair often too soft after you just shampoo it?  or doesn’t hold a style well when it’s clean?  we know, that sounds like our hair!  Unite texturiza spray is a great product to give you that second day feeling WITHOUT making your hair DIRTY!

again, it’s almost like Unite took Expanda dust and Dry shampoo and made one product.  Expanda dust is AMAZING for adding volume and texture at your scalp, but can QUICKLY become too tacky when you put it in the ends of your hair.  So, by adding the dry shampoo portion of this product, it makes it spray-able… movable… and PERFECT!


unite, new product, style, curly hair, curled hair, salon, spa, texture, sassy

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are you wearing the right haircut for your face shape?

who knew face shape had anything to do with their haircut or style?!?

People often look at a picture of a celebrity in a magazine and tell me, “I want to look like her!” Well, wouldn’t we all? I think it is important to not only study the style and what a client really wants, but also to take note of a persons face shape and structure. Choosing the right style for your face can help to enhance or take away from strong facial features.


Round face shape
– asymmetrical
– imprecision
– piecy layers
– pixie, helps define the cheek bones
– angled bob with long layers, hard lines help soften the round shape
– add body at the roots but avoid too much on the sides (widens the face)

round face shape, haircut, salon, bob, style

Oval face shape
– straight bangs above the brow line can create the illusion of width
– on shoulder length or longer, a center part with soft waves
– bob with side bangs
– avoid long styles, add waves to widen the face
– try not to wear it longer than shoulder length

oval face shape, haircut, style, salon, trend, fashion

Square face shape
– chin length soft tapered bob
– style hair with waves from the ears down
– wearing your hair straight and long takes the attention off of a strong jaw line

square face shape, style, salon, fashion, paris hilton

Heart face shape
– hair that hits right below the jaw line helps fill in the area around the chin
– also add body to disperse lines around the chin
– wear a deep side part and side swept bangs. (idea is to bring your eyes outward)
– a soft pixie cut with side swept bangs

heart face shape, style, salon, fashion, trend, bob, celebrity, face shape, haircut

Diamond Face Shape
– wear hair away from your face (pony or an updo)
– avoid heavy or straight bangs, try a side bang
– lots of layers help keep the diamond face shape open

diamond face shape, face shape, style, haircut, trend, fashion, salon

So, like I said before: choosing the right style for your face can help to enhance or take away from strong facial features. Ask your stylist next time you’re in what they think your face shape is. Or ask them if you’re wearing the right style to best feature your face shape. Don’t forget, that’s what we’re here for…. To make you look your best!

Courtesy of: stylist, Krissy

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