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new hair product at domani


“THE LOVE CHILD”………  alterna Caviar perfect texture finishing spray!!!!!

great for:

  • volume
  • added texture both wet hair and dry
  • before curling
  • weightless style, etc.  

team domani HAS BEEN LOVING this product and it’s FLYING off our shelves!!!!  the more we use it, the more we LOVE IT!

stop by to check it out!

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FALL? REDS? haircolor?!?

with a new season closely approaching us, it’s time to start thinking about a new hair style!

what better color to go…..than RED!

 here at domani we use framesi color. One of framesi’s color lines:  framcolor 2001 is known for its longevity and capability of vibrant reds.  It gives us (as artists) the ability to create the most vibrant reds… to the richest, deepest auburns… to the most chocolaty warm color.  Your possibilities are endless because we can formulate this hair color line to create the perfect tone for YOU!

 Scared to go all the way RED?

Well, we can take you all the way to red or just add some pops of color blocking. Reds add a beautiful touch of depth to any hair color and will have you looking fall ready in no time!


courtesy of: stylist Sabrina
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how to choose the right hair color?

How do I know what color will look best on me?

There are several factors an accomplished stylist will take into consideration when consulting with their client about a new hair color.

First the stylist will consider the current color, texture and general condition of your hair to opt for the best color outcome to the actual hair shaft.  They will also look at your current haircut, style and style changes that are being planned to feature your best facial and hair assets.  It is very important to take complexion color as well as eye color into the overall decision process as well. 

A number of key questions could be asked of the client which may include:

  • is there currently color in your hair?
  • When your hair was last color or permed?
  • How often are you willing to come in to the salon to upkeep your color?
  • Are you concerned with the look of outgrowth?
  • Would you be committed to a multilevel color process to achieve the desired color goal?
  • And of course we always consider cost commitment to maintain your new look.
did you know that you can schedule a complimentary color consultation with any domani hairstylist?!?  

 So…unless you are planning a quick St. Patrick’s Day green or a Wisconsin Badger red and white, expect an in-depth consultation with your Domani Stylist which will offer you the best results for your appearance and lifestyle!

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courtesy of domani stylist: Becky McKee

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