Reasons why color fades:

  • porosity/condition of hair
  • in salon treatments
  • at home regimen

Porosity/Condition of hair: when is the last time you have taken the time to put back into your hair everything you took out?!?  What that means: everyday environment take nutrients, moisture and protein out of our hair.  The sun, the wind, our blow dryers, our hot tools…

No worries!  Keep reading on and I will tell you how to protect your hair from this happening!

Have you ever noticed your hair seems dull or possibly “frizzy”?  That’s because your hair is telling you it needs more LOVE!

In salon after and/or before color treatments:  depending on your situation, your hair, what you do to color your hair, etc.  There are many variables whether you are a candidate for a pre-color treatment or a post color treatment.  Talk to your stylist and they will tell you exactly which you should do.   Let me explain:

If you lighten your hair, you are going to do a post color treatment (in most cases).  After your stylist colors your hair, they will formulate a treatment for your hair.  Doing a treatment post color will leave your hair softer, shinier, healthier, more manageable!

If you are going darker with your hair color, you are a candidate for either post or pre-color treatments.  If you are doing a tint back (going back toward your natural color), your stylist is most likely going to get your hair “ready” and “prepped” by doing a pre-color treatment.  Your hair is probably lacking both moisture and protein from lightening your hair over time.  By doing a pre-color treatment, you are building your canvas back to “healthy,” which will allow your new color be more vibrant and longer lasting!

If you are going darker but your hair is overall relatively healthy:  you are a candidate for a post color treatment.  This will help lock your color in, leaving your hair softer, shinier and healthier!

Ok, so you’ve taken the time; you’ve spent the money…. Lets talk about what you’re doing to maintain or NOT maintain your color at home!

At home after color treatments:

The difference between professional and over the counter shampoos, conditioners and styling products:  The shampoo we wash with will either help your hair color life or ruin it!

I have had clients using over the counter shampoos and conditioners that cover their hair with wax to the point the hair wasn’t able to absorb nutrients effectively.  As a result, the hair became starved for moisture; the cuticle layer opened up and the color faded.  A lot of shampoos and conditioners contain salts and sulfates and will fade our hair color.  Professional color protecting shampoos and conditioners are just that: formulated to protect your hair color.  Domani carries two color protection lines:

Color Conserve from Aveda and UV+ from Alterna (clinically proven to retain color and brightness for 60 washes)

Don’t forget to use cool water when in the shower!  Not only is it great for your skin and pores, it’s great for your hair and your hair cuticle.  Cold hair helps close down your hair cuticle:  keeping the color locked in and keeping your hair smooth and shiny!

Thermal Protectant:

Heat styling + color treated hair = color fadage!  This doesn’t mean you can’t heat style… it just means use a thermal protectant BEFORE you heat style!

We have two favorites here at domani:

Aveda Damage control and Alterna Bamboo Anti-Breakage!

Spray in your hair after towel drying, apply all other wet styling products and dry as usual.

Who knew there was so much to protecting your hair and your hair color?   Thanks for staying to read, did you learn anything new?