Hair Extensions

imagine having the power to create your desired hair length and fullness without loosing its natural appearance….


every hair extension guest will start with a consultation that is completed approximately two weeks prior to the service. this is a critical part of the process as the hair designer needs to find out your needs and examine your hair to be able to ensure the right product and color tones are used. on the next business day following your consultation, we will provide you with the estimated cost as no two hair extension services are the same due to the high customization capabilities of the service.

prior to moving into the unique features of each hair extension service, we wanted to highlight a few key points that apply to both offerings:

  • 100% real rair
  • 30-minute consultation (non-refundable $25 cost goes towards a hair extension service received within 60 days following)
  • 50% of cost for the service is due once estimate is provided
  • receive an at home care guide
  • includes a final hair cut and style
  • highest quality hair, can be colored once to blend perfectly with your hair
  • easily removed by an expert, your own hair is not damaged


one of the hottest trends in salons service is tape hair extension. the hairstylist can apply full head of hair extensions in less than one hour. naturally, as is with all of our products, our tape-in extensions are 100% remy human hair and cuticle intact so that you have the highest quality product. human hair tape In Extensions the highest concern that people have when they are using remy tape in hair extensions is that there will be residue left from the tape or damage to the hair. With our products, we offer top-of-the-line medical grade tape to insure the maximum efficacy with the minimal damage to the natural hair.


the highest concern that people have when they are using remy tape in hair extensions is that there will be residue left from the tape or damage to the hair. with our products, we offer top-of-the-line medical grade tape to insure the maximum efficacy with the minimal damage to the natural hair.

the top benefit for tape in hair extensions is the fact that they are reusable like clip-ins but with the most natural look and permanent results like fusion extensions. with our thin tape, we promise that the result will be a seamless tape hair extension.


maintaining and treating the human hair extensions tape in is the biggest hurdle for most clients after they buy. most of them expect to be able just to use it once or that it will be fine on its own. but here at Domani, we make taking care of it very easy. we provide the best shampoo for long-term care of any hair extensions, and all of our shampoos are paraben and protein free to ensure longevity and proper care of your product.


Hand Tied Weft System is one of the hottest trends on the market. These wefts are hand-tied, which creates a strong, thin weft when compared to other wefted hair extensions. The hand-tied weft is flat, flexible, and lays close to the clients’ scalp giving a more natural look.  During application, the hand-tied weft is sewn to the natural hair on a foundation of silicone beads preserving the integrity of the client’s natural hair. This application provides an additional level of comfort and flexibility due to its thin and lightweight nature.



how long do they last?

with regular maintenance, the life of your Hair Extensions is up to you. most people can go up to three to four months before needing any service on their hair extensions.

will it damage my natural hair?

we use the safest extensions available today. extensions should not damage your hair if properly cared for and maintained. you must be careful brushing. If you have a tangle, hold the hair while you brush it especially if your hair is fragile. a full assessment of the hair and scalp will be done at the consultation to determine if you are a candidate for hair extensions. you will be well educated on how to properly take care of the hair and hair extension to make sure there is no breakage. as long as you stay in a healthy state (meaning no illness occurs after the hair extensions are applied or any new medications have to be taken). the pre-tipped hair makes it so simple to apply and the bond is made of a keratin the same make up as human hair protein so there is no wax or glue. there is no damage to the hair, they are virtually undetectable and easy to maintain.

all of these things should be taken into consideration when hair extensions application is considered.

will the hair match my color and texture?

absolutely! your specialist will match your color and texture perfectly. custom blending is our specialty!

how do I care for my hair?

you can wash as often as you wash your hair now. special care is to be taken at the scalp, gently scrub your scalp to avoid tangling the extensions. never go to bed with wet hair. If your extensions are long it is best to loosely braid the hair at night and use a silk pillow case. brush your hair at least every morning and before you go to bed. be sure to use the products recommended by your cosmetologist.

can I curl or straighten these extensions?

these extensions are 100% human hair so you are welcome to curl and straighten, but keep heat away from the bonds.

can I color these extensions?

the extensions should be the correct color you need when we put them in. if however you want a new color, make an appointment with the person who put in your extensions. Most hair can be colored.

can I swim and go in the ocean?

it is recommended to keep your hair out of chemical and salt water. also keep away from wet and dry saunas, excessive heat can loosen the bonds. if you must go in swimming pools and hot tubs, it is best to wash hair right after swimming. avoid getting hair in chlorine & salt water as it can take all the moisture out of the hair and cause it to tangle. add a spray in conditioner after swimming.

how long does my hair have to be in order to be considered a candidate for hair extensions?

your hair should be at least 2 inches long. schedule a consultation for an assessment.

how long does it take to apply the hair extensions?

1 to 5 hours depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

how much do hair extensions cost?

we need to know a number of things to determine the cost of your extension service. how long is your natural hair? what is your hair texture? how thick/thin is your natural hair? are you looking to add length or just thickness?  does your current hair color require that the extension hair be pre-blended?  your Hair Extensions service could cost anywhere from $80 and above. we suggest that you come in for a consultation to learn about what your options are and the corresponding price to get you the look of your dreams.


If you have questions that were not addressed above, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide the answers you need! (920) 262-8333